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  • 100% Cotton Fabric - CF 5-1
  • Offering a wide range of materials created 100% Cotton Fabric by us are reckoned for their quality based features. Since we use only authentic materials in creating our assortment of buckles, thus our range of buckles is class apart. We have the required facilities to customize our products as per the requirement of our clients.

    We provide a variety of

    100% Cotton Fabric

    . These products are including many features, such as high quality, fast delivery, competitive prices, environmental friendly products and diverse. We follow ethical business policies to provide ultimate client satisfaction to our clients.

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  • 100% Cotton Fabric
    Model: CF 5-1
    1. OE Cotton Fabric C10~C40
    2. Ring Cotton Fabric C10~C40
    3. OE / Ring Cotton Fabric C10~C40
    4. Ring / OE Cotton Fabric C10~C40
    5. Weave : Woven, Knitting, Ripstop, Twill, Dobby, Solution-dye
    6. Finishing : Singeing, Desizing, Scouring, Bleaching, Mercerizing, Setting, Exhaustion, Drying, Thermofixation, Oxidizing, Reduction, Calendering, Sanforizing
    7. Special Function : P/D, W/R, DWR, Printing, RF welding, Cire, Waterproof 10,000mmH2O, Breathable, Anti-Bacterial...and so on
    8. Printing : Pigment Printing, Dyestuff Printing, Laser Printing, Burn-out printing
    9. Coating : Vinyl Coating, PU Coating, TPU Coating, PEVR (Ultra-light) Coating, TPVR Coating
    10. Welcome to contact us and inquiry about your requirement.

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