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  • Fire Retardant Curtains - FRF 10-6
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    Fire Retardant Curtains

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  • Fire Retardant Curtains
    Model: FRF 10-6
    1. Art No.: YF4A85863
    2. Article : FA/ FE/ Rayon 60/20/20 Blended Fabric
    3. Cont.: FA 60% FE20% Rayon20%
    4. Width : 57” / 58”
    5. Weight : 345 G/Y, 256 G/SM
    6. Remark : 10858633 / 1 (FA/FE/R60/20/2020/1) Afterflame: 0 second, Ember 0 second, LOI values 35
    7. Characteristic : High tensile strength, High heat resistance
    8. Application:
    (1)Escape from the scene of fire: fire-extinguishing blankets and escaping blankets.
    (2)Protection Clothes: High temperature-resistance turnouts,working clothes for electric welding,  fire-preventing clothes and nuclear biological prevention clothes.
    9. We welcome your inquires about our product.Customized spec and supplied materials processing is acceptable.
    10. Manufactured in Taiwan
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