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  • Fire Retardant Fabrics - FRF 10-4
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    Fire Retardant Fabrics

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  • Fire Retardant Fabrics
    Model: FRF 10-4
    1. Art No.: YQA826460
    2. Article : OXIDIZED/ FA/ Technora Fireproof Blended Fabric
    3. Cont.: OXIDIZED Fiber 50%/ FA 30%/ Technora20%
    4. Width : 60” / 61”
    5. Weight : 493 G/Y, 348G/SM
    6. Remark : 8264602/2 (OXIDIZED / FA / Technora 50/30/20 20/2) Temperature Ratings 800oC, LOI values 37
    7. Characteristic : High-modulus, Excellent dimensional stability.
    8. Application: Application: Industrial protective clothing, defense and public safety services and transport. Transport application has been further segmented into railways, automotive and marine.
    9. Welcome to have a discussion on color, testing standard…etc. with us.
    10. Origin : Taiwan

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